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The partner who receives less has less incentive to continue the relationship and therefore at the most extreme can threaten to end the relationship so that the other person bends to their demands.

For the person making the demands this is of little consequence to them.

Willard Walter Waller (1899–1945) was an American sociologist.

Much of his research concerned the sociology of the family, sociology of education and the sociology of the military.

One person for any variety of possible reasons will have more power in the relationship.Dating used to be a whole lot more civilized and organized.There's wisdom in attributes like that -- so here are 10 old-school dating habits we ought to revive that are guaranteed to up your dating game.One of the ways Willard proposed for this uneven balance was the Principle of least interest.In a relationship with uneven power distribution, one of the partners gets more out of a relationship, be it emotionally, physically, or monetarily than the other.

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