Who is scarlett johansson dating august 2016

“She’s career driven and focused on making a difference.” “Jess is one of those people who has moved on from her crazy college days and is trying to forge a new life in a genuine, earnest way,” explains writer-director Lucia Aniello.

Rumors started surfacing that the on-screen couple may have been actually dating.That’s why she’s running for state senate.” Jess’ devotion to her constituents has come at the expense of her personal relationships.“Along the way, she’s neglected the people that are closest to her, as we do sometimes,” explains Johansson.As she attempts to comprehend and incorporate the incredible changes in her mind and body, Lucy begins to feel everything around her—space, air, vibrations, people, even gravity—and develop superhuman traits including telepathy, telekinesis, expanded knowledge and breathtaking control over matter.Directed by the award winning French film director, writer and producer, ‘Lucy’ stars the breath-takingly beautiful Scarlett Joahnnson, the versatile Morgan Freeman and Oscar winner Ang Lee’s son Mason Lee in prominent roles.

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