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Occasionally short videos with actors are used instead of images; examples include a sketch where a man is robbing a bank, or one where men in hazmat suits are removing a pigeon from a bank vault. Although Novak's appearance is not seen as the Fonejacker, he appears during Mr Doovdé's calls as a model advertising various items.

Novak is always seen wearing a red and white balaclava (black in the Pilot) and sunglasses. Each episode begins with "fonejack" and the definition, to seize control of a telephone conversation by farce esp.

The following is an episode list for the E4 series Fonejacker.

It first appeared in May 2006 and became a full series in 2007.

He was supposed to be Chinese but when I came along, Bejan was born: a flamboyant Persian salsa dancer.

[Co-star] Nick Frost had months of dance training and he’s got some moves, but I was amazed by how snake-hipped Chris O’Dowd is.

It was fine but I knew I wasn’t going to make a name for myself like that. I put my parents through mini hell with my laziness and poor grades, so I love making them laugh when they see me on television.

It is extremely popular with local residents, business people and families.

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When, as an under-employed drama graduate, Novak grew bored of waiting for the phone to ring, he began dialling out instead, sometimes recording calls for the amusement of friends and family. If I want to play a British member of the secret service [like Britain Today Tonight character Sir Nicholas Charles] he’s not going to look like me.

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