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In order to consummate the stockholder distribution, BNS's Board of Directors must first set a record date for the distribution and the distribution will occur shortly thereafter.

It is not necessary for BNS stockholders to deliver their shares to BNS or BNS's transfer agent in order to receive this distribution.

Ali Meskati of T11 Capital has said that he views the Lehman Brothers Capital Trust Preferred shares (LBCTP) as "basically a call option on a positive outcome for the reemergence of Lehman in a yet to be determined form." "Bankruptcy Remote" CT preferred stocks are a type of special purpose vehicle (SPV) that are designed to be "bankruptcy remote." The LBHI CTs are hybrid securities comprised of: (1) CT preferred stocks; and (2) subordinated debentures.

There’s one possibility that could make Trump’s statement correct -- if he sold off all of his holdings since July 15, 2015.

In accordance with the acquisition agreement and the plan of liquidation, after payment or the establishment of a reserve for all of its claims and obligations, BNS intends to distribute in the near future all of its remaining assets, consisting primarily of cash and the shares of Steel Excel received in connection with the sale of .

PK) ("BNS") announced today the completion of its previously announced transaction with Steel Excel Inc. PK) ("Steel Excel"), whereby Steel Excel acquired all of the capital stock of BNS's operating subsidiary, Sun Well Services, Inc. The acquisition agreement and the proposed liquidation of BNS, pursuant to a plan of complete liquidation and dissolution, were approved by the holders of approximately 96% of the outstanding capital stock of BNS at a special meeting of stockholders held on , 2012.

The form in question is the Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Report, also known as OGE Form 278e.

Trump has touted his 92-page submission as a reason why it’s not important to see his tax returns.

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