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Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, and even Donald Trump were just a few of the suitors Bruni had left in the dust, leaving many to believe she wasn’t the type to settle down. And while reckless at times (please see: the aforementioned trashing of hotel rooms), they made dating on the edge look damn good.

The 14-bedroom Tudor mansion on 530 acres now serves as the full-time residence to them and their three children, Caspar, 14, Clementine, 12, and Cosima, 7, plus a menagerie of dogs, cats, sheep, pig, and tortoise—the last a gift from Vaughn shortly after he and Schiffer met on a blind date.One arrived at her doorstep in Mallorca on her birthday. It’s said that the 1574 house—built in the shape of an H in honor of King Henry VIII—owes its name to Queen Elizabeth I, who was nonplussed at being served cold ham when she stayed there and thus christened it Coldham Hall.It served as a safe haven for Catholic priests during the Elizabethan purges, and still boasts a few priest holes—cubbies below the floorboards—which today make perfect hiding places for the kids.fans with anecdotes about her fabulous life and the fabulous men she's done fabulous things with ever since she came on the scene in the Big Apple crew. Well, I met him in New York through some art friends, and then I also saw him while I was out here. So much fun," she shared on plastic surgeon "catnip" when they went out on a date. "No, I haven't dated David Copperfield," she admitted to us.She's attended countless parties around the world hanging out with some of the coolest people on the planet, some of whom have been the Manhattan party girl's flings over the years. "When you meet him, when you meet this man, he's just like a little, I don't know, like a Chia Pet... "He went out with Claudia Schiffer and Prince Albert dated Claudia Schiffer and me.

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